Zebra MC3300 Minor Flat Rate Repair


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Zebra MC3300, MC330k, Minor flat rate repair service

MC3300 Minor Flat Rate Repair

Our Zebra MC3300 minor flat rate repair covers most of the components impacted by day to day use.  Our repair service comes with an industry leading 90 day warranty that covers early parts failure and workmanship defects.

Every unit is completely reviewed and tested.  If a repair is not covered by the MC3300 flat rate repair service, one of our representatives will reach out with a Time & Materials estimate or the MC3300 major flat rate repair option.

The Flat Rate Repair covers the following models: MC330K


✔ Touchscreen ✔ Keypad Overlay
✔ Backup Battery / Capacitor ✔ SD Slot
✔ Speaker(s) ✔ Main Flex
✔ Trigger ✔ Communication to the Cradle
✔ Antennas ✔ Wireless Connectivity
✔ Scan Flex ✔ Update Firmware
✔ Display Flex ✔ Update OS to latest available version
✔ Keypad
✔ Keypad PCB


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